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From time-to-time, the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) and the provincial CPA bodies send commercial electronic messages, such as invitations to events or information about CPA education programs and the CPA profession to students, candidates, and other people who are not enrolled in those programs. Select below to receive commercial electronic messages from CPAWSB and/or provincial CPA bodies. You can withdraw your consent to receive commercial electronic messages at any time.
Please note: You may still receive certain types of electronic messages from CPAWSB or your provincial body, even after withdrawing your consent, including messages sent in response to specific requests, inquiries, or complaints; messages relating to the CPA certification program or a CPA course in which you are enrolled; messages to satisfy a legal obligation including regulatory compliance, enforce a right, or to provide you with a notice of an existing or pending right; and other messages that CPAWSB and your provincial body is not prohibited from sending you under applicable anti-spam legislation.

Privacy The personal information you provide in your My CPA profile is collected and used by CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) on behalf of the provincial CPA body you select as being applicable to you for the following purposes: communicating with you about your CPA education, such as enrollment and eligibility requirements;  administering your participation in CPA education, for example, courses, modules and exams registration and results, and the payment of various fees; assessing your eligibility and continuing participating in CPA education; and, if you are ultimately successful, assessment by the applicable provincial CPA body as to your eligibility for CPA certification and/or public practice licensure in that province.

You can view privacy policies and contact information of the provincial CPA bodies and the CPAWSB Privacy Officer at

When creating your My CPA profile, enter your legal first name, middle name, and last name as shown on your birth certificate, passport, or immigration documents. Do not include nicknames, shortened names (e.g., Pat, Mike, Jenny) or initials. You can enter those in the Preferred Name field to indicate what you want to be called instead of your legal given name.

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